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What are the benefits of block foam insulation?

Block foam insulation has a very high energy efficiency, and can be fiberglassed. It can be used in applications such as:

-studs and rafters

-Ceilings and walls

-attics, floors, crawl spaces, basements, garages and foundations.

The benefits of block foam insulation are that it has a high heat retention capacity which will help you maintain your ideal temperature throughout the home. In addition, this insulation performs very well in the presence of humidity and will help protect your home from mold growth.

Block foam insulation is a great investment as it reduces your energy consumption and consequently, you monthly utility bills. Once installed, block foam insulation doesn't require any maintenance for many years to come. It's also very easy to work with and easy to cut.

What are the main types of block insulation?

There are different types of block foam insulation but all have their own individual benefits. Fiberglass block insulation is very popular as it's non-irritant, does not emit fumes and is usually less expensive than other types of foam insulation. It can have a higher R-value compared to fiberglass batts which makes it a terrific option for colder climates.

It also has the ability to be installed between 16" o.c wood or steel studs and 24" o.c concrete wall cavities; it's also mold and mildew resistant. Polystyrene block insulation is flexible which means it can be used in different types of applications such as:

-attics, walls and floors with no access to the attic

-HVAC penetrations

-around ducts, pipes and other equipment

It's also easy to work with and can be used in high temperatures up to 180 degrees. Polyisocyanurate block insulation stands out from the rest because of its low thermal conductivity which means it will prevent heat transfer very efficiently. It doesn't absorb moisture, is lightweight and does not emit any harmful corrosive gases. It is a more expensive option compared to other types of foam insulation but will perform better in colder climates and can help reduce your energy consumption.

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How does block foam insulation work?

Foam insulation works much in the same way that ice cubes will keep things cold when placed inside a cooler.

It blocks or at least slows down cold air from entering through cracks, doorways, windows. It's also quite good at insulating against both hot and cold drafts because once it's applied, there are no surfaces to conduct heat or cold away. The foam fills any potential gaps which would otherwise leave room for draughts of either kind to get in .

How does it work? The insulation expands to fill the gap which means that any outer walls are also insulated against heat loss. Once applied, the foam will be almost invisible and will not change the look or appearance of your home or building. It won't attract attention or look ugly! And if you're worried about the mess involved with applying the foam, don't be. The application process is not messy and quite easy to do with a bit of time and patience.

Aerogel is another type of insulation that does something similar but is better suited to long-term use; for example, North Pole Aerogel has units designed that last up 6+ years up north (6+ years where temperatures can plummet to -60 Celsius!).

However, block foam is a fast acting and efficient means of blocking cold drafts from entering your home or building. You'll immediately feel the difference once it's been applied.

That is one of the greatest benefits of using insulation for your home or workplace - you will notice an immediate difference to your home once insulation has been applied because it reduces drafts and drafts are one of the most annoying things about using central heating systems.

Once the cold air flow is stopped , you won't have to worry about turning up your thermostat so high just to feel comfortable. This, in turn, will save you money on energy bills too!

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