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What are the benefits of floor Insulation?

Floor insulation prevents drafts from entering the living room, dining room, or any other areas by reducing the conductivity of heat.

Insulation will also make outside noise quieter. The less sound that reaches your ears means you are more likely to sleep better because you are not as affected by noises in your home and can relax with lower levels of stress.

Insulating floors is an easy DIY project so there's no need to spend a lot of money on cozy tent alternatives or buying a pricey electric blanket .

Floor insulation will help improve comfort and save energy with the help of central heating and air conditioning units too! If there is less flooring exposed to different temperatures, then these units will have to work less often. Essentially covering most of the floor with insulation will make your house feel like it has a blanket over it during the changing of seasons.

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How does floor Insulation work?

The insulation actually works by reflecting the heat back to the floor and between floors between spaces.

The insulation is measured in R-Value. Which is a measurement of 'resistance to thermal conduction'. That basically means that it resists the ability of hot things (like for example, your body) from warming up or cold things (like for example, an outside window sill) from cooling down space's near them, by creating a high wall of wind resistance. Smaller values mean better insulators; higher values mean worse ones. Zero would be like using nothing and 1 would be like using huge rocks as walls (small gaps). The best insulation products are insulated with polyisocyanurate -- this has an R-Value around 6 per inch, which also means it's the most expensive floor insulation on the market.

The floor insulation is made up of extruded or injection molded sections that fit together like puzzle pieces (thereby preventing air leaks) into insulating floor 'panels'. They are available in 2′ x 10′ sheets for use under flooring applications and 2′ x 8′ sheets for built-in wall applications. Thermocuplt insulated floor panels feature a high density core of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam with foil facers on both surfaces to provide superior moisture and vapor resistance. Not only does floor insulation help keep the flooring and floor below warm, but it also helps insulate other floor levels to keep them warmer too!

There are several floor insulation products available on the market including cellulose insulation, fiberglass batt insulation, mineral wool slabstock insulation, spray foam insulation, reflective foil faced/polyolefin core boardstock insulation and Thermo-Cuplt insulating panels. All of these floor insulations can be installed in floor / wall applications in new construction or retrofit building projects.

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